Why the Clinton Email Server is a Big Deal.

I watched the debates the other night, and was surprised to hear Bernie Sanders give Hillary Clinton a pass on the email scandal, by saying that people don’t care about that and want to hear the issues.  I agree that issues other than the home email server are more important to the country, and some people I spoke with felt it was a magnanimous gesture on the part of Mr. Sanders. I also think that Ms. Clinton’s usage of a personal email server for State Department business is not a trivial matter for a number of reasons, and I’m troubled that Mr. Sanders is trivializing it. To me, it’s a sign that Mr. Sanders might not be up to speed on the technology related issues that the future president will need to address.

Here are my reasons for believing the Clinton home email server was a serious problem.

  • State Department conversations often involve very sensitive information. Diplomatic conversations are prime candidates for interception and analysis by foreign nation states.
  • The email server had open remote access ports. This flies against common security rules for information of this type.
  • It does not appear that archiving or backup were in place. This goes against government policy.
  • Personal conversations were intermingled with business communication.  If Ms. Clinton wanted to keep her personal communications private, she should have used a separate email account. She shouldn’t have the luxury of determining after the fact which communications were personal,

I could go on, but that’s enough. I’m a progressive, but I’m also a security guy. I try to call them like I see them, and this should be one mistake that doesn’t happen again.

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