Why are You in Sales? Here’s My Answer!

I’ve got just about 20 minutes before I go to church today. I’ve been working on a technical issue with the site (phplist to wordpress integration), and so far, it hasn’t worked, and it’s taken writing time away from me. So, forgive me if I cut and paste.

I started working on my 2008 Sales and Life Plan a couple of weeks ago. The first thing I usually do is ask myself, why am I in sales. Here’s the full question, with the answer. The question itself is from Tom Duncan’s “High Trust Selling”.

It’s important to know why you are in sales. What drives you internally to be in sales?

A sales career has given me the opportunity to use my drive, initiative, and intelligence to provide value to my customers and income to support my family. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility of my job, and I like the very direct link between my inputs and outputs. The more efficient I am, the harder I work, the greater income I receive.

I don’t have to compromise my ethical standards to be successful; to the contrary, doing so will cause my career to fail in the long term.

A sales career for me is a culmination of my talents, learned skills, and God given abilities. It’s more fun than work should be.

Why are you in your job? I’d welcome to hear your comments.

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