When It Comes to Secure Browsing, Boring is Good. Very Good

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Secure browsing using Spikes air gap technology is a new paradigm which puts control of Internet security back into the hands of the people that know it, keeping the end user from being his own worst enemy. With Spikes, end users lose the ability to become innocent victims of increasingly sophisticated end user directed attacks, inadvertently infecting their laptops, workstations, (and mobile devices) with malware, adware, and spyware.

To the security professional, the Spikes AirGap™ Pro  Browser should be the most exciting thing to her since the invention of the firewall. Spikes will save that professional countless hours and dollars re-imaging and cleaning machines, while the end user is unproductive, only coming back to find that essential files and applications weren’t recovered.

But in order to be truly exciting to the security professional, the Spikes Browser must be “boring”, or transparent,  to the end user.

Let’s face it. To be “good” for the end user, a replacement browser’s security is of relatively low importance. A browser experience needs to be consistent, or better, than the browser they were using previously. It must allow the user to do what she wants to do, go she needs to go, and only save her when she needs to be saved. There shouldn’t be a learning curve. The browser replacement should have a look, feel, and actions of the browser replaced.

In other words, it should be boring.

to the end user, spikes can, and should be, boring

A tremendous amount of effort goes into making the Spikes AirGap™ Pro the most secure browser facing the Internet. That’s important. But an equally strong effort goes into making the Spikes browser fast and user friendly. For example, we teamed with lead developers in the gaming industry to optimize the performance of our virtualization engine. We do most of the image processing on the server, saving processor usage and bandwidth on the client.  The end result is a system that looks, feels, and acts like the browser they were using before.

In other words, boring.

Spikes removes some of the “excitement” from the life of the end user as well. Eliminated is the “excitement” of running a system with multiple toolbars, having unknown search engines do God knows what with your data, never knowing when a pop-up will arrive asking if he wants to remove malware, or a message saying that the “FBI” has encrypted his hard drive, and a $300 penalty must be paid to get the data unencrypted.

Boring is can be good sometimes, really good.

The Spikes AirGap™  browser provides the safest level of browsing available today, while maintaining or improving the end user experience. If you are excited by the opportunity to truly protect your network in a way that is transparent to your end users, get in contact with me at 410-740-3490 or paul@spikes.com , or fill out the form below. You can also check out www.spikes.com .   I’d love to hear from you.


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