Tritton USB Speakers— ‘Cause salespeople need to dance.

These Speakers Rock

These Speakers Rock

If you are out on the road and a music lover like I am, you’d probably find that any speakers on any device in a hotel lack the sound quality you want.  If you got your laptop along, then you should take a look at the TRITTON: Sound Bite, Portable USB Speakers. The get great sound, have a very small footprint, and plug right into your usb port. As added benefit is that they set up a separate music driver, so if you are using Skype or some other service, you can keep doing it while getting your groove on.

About the size of a hockey puck, the stereo tweeters sit fold up to look like Mikey Mouse with broken ears. I find that I’ve been using these more and more for business too, in conjuction with my Dell Mini and Dell MIni 109 Projector.
TRITTON Sound Bite, Portable USB Digital Speaker System

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  1. MacGizmoGuy

    The SoundBite is a surprisingly good USB powered 2.1 Stereo portable speaker with sub-woofer. I know that sounds silly in a laptop travel speaker this small, but Tritton really engineered this product well and used very good quality drivers. The 52mm woofer goes down below 80hz so the frequency response is suprising. Most reviewers and owners agree. This is a GREAT little 1-piece speaker that beats the pants off of any laptops built-in drivers.


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