The Netbook is Dead, Long Live Android/IOS

Well, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, and Asustek stopping the production of their prospective netbooks, one could easily say that era of the netbook is over, being replaced on the low end by tablets and phones, and on the high on the portable side by Ultrabooks and Macbooks.
My 13 year old son very wisely said to me that he believes that soon be two types of users for computers, consumers and producers.

Consumption will be largely done on platforms that are low cost and portable, such as smart phones and tablets. Producers will still want the big keyboards and powerful processors of a personal computer.

I believe that there is a group that falls in-between consumers and producers. This group could be called “editors”, because they don’t make perform major changes, but are responsible for using the system for updates, and manipulating data to meet the needs of their stakeholders. This group will probably switch between phones, tablets and PCs to best take advantage of portability over ease of use.
Anyone who has installed Bluestacks, a virtual environment for Android that rides on top of a Windows PC will realize how much can be done in an Android environment combined with a bigger laptop keyboard. The limitations that exist are largely related to printing and some incompatibilities with sound.
What about Chrome OS? With Google’s push, Chrome OS has some momentum. But I think some modifications to Android to make it more “netbook “like’ will cause more of a stir in the marketplace. Thoughts? Would love to hear em.

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