The Importance of the Inside Sale

One of the things I did a number of years ago, at my first President’s Club was watch. I watched the people who were there with me. I also listened. I was watching and listening to figure out what things were common among these people that got them to sales success.

The answer might be different from what you might expect. The delta between an average performer and a someone going to club often did not have anything to do with work ethic, personality, or intellect.

The difference in Superstars and average performers often could be pegged to one thing, the ability of the Superstars to get large non-standard opportunities through my company’s bureaucracy.

Selling inside the company is very often just as important as selling in the field. Developing allies and relationships internally can help you accomplish things that, without such support, would be impossible.

Relationships develop over time. After being with a company for a while, one learns who will help and who will get in the way of your success. But newer people in an organization often don’t have the relationships needed for success, nor the time needed to start these relationships organically.

Next, I’ll write about the factors that control successful internal relationships, and give some advice to make the time to start these relationships shorter

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