Thank You to a Friend Who Made Me A Better Salesperson

Here’s some background for all those tuning in. Umar Hameed is a Master Practitioner in Neurolingistic Programming, or NLP. Umar is my best friend.
In October 2006, I wrote a yearly plan for 2007. My number one fear, the thing that I needed to overcome, was the fear of making cold calls. My mom died in 2007, and the resulting grief just made things worse.
Umar gave me a session to work with me on the issues revolving around cold calling, and it worked beyond my wildest imagination, despite the fact that I was sceptical that these results could be achieved.

If you’re a salesperson who knows the job inside and out, and who has studied the profession, but for some reason is taking a dive, Umar could be the key to change things for you. Give him a call, at 410-949-7067, or send an email to

Umar, This may sound corny, so if it is,  I apologize. I am sincere.  I’m up here working on my 2008 plan, and pulled up the 2006 plan. (no 2007 plan is why I’m here this year). In reviewing it, I found what my number one issue was that I wanted to address was in 2006. Instead of deleting it, I’m giving it to you as a trophy.

In 2006, I was paralyzed making calls. With my mom dying, it just got worse. Thanks to my session with you, my fear of making calls has not only disappeared; Making calls is the part of the job that I enjoy the most now, and I’ve enjoyed tremendous success because of it.

Thank you for being a friend and changing my life.


Here’s the “trophy” that I gave Umar. It’s a picture of the section of my mindmap that dealt with my fears, from 2006.

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