Tech Tip of the Day-Reqall

It’s pretty well known that I suffer in the “short-term” memory department. I haven’t figured out if it’s nature or nurture, but for years, I’ve been able to minimize this problem by using notepads, tape or digital recorders, and a palm or pocket pc.

Well, yesterday I was introduced to one of those easy, stupid tech applications that makes your life a lot easier. It’s called reqall.

In a nutshell, recall is an automated task recorder, that works by calling an 800 number (which is now listed as AAA in my cell phone book). You call, dictate your task, and hang up. That’s it.

But wait, here comes the good part. Reqall’s team of chimpanzees dictates what you said, and emails it back to you.   And for chimps, they are pretty accurate.

See for yourself.

Send an email with Anthony [Bxxx?] at the Department of Energy. We have an appointment for one week from Friday for 9:30am.

I added the xxx’s to the last name. Everything was correct except a couple of letters were incorrect on the last name spelling. The grammer was my fault.

It’s extremely useful, especially while driving. It’s free too, so give it a try . And please don’t give my wife my task list number )

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