Tables and Power strips and Chairs- Oh My- How I Would Like to Fly

I’m sitting in Islip, New York, at the airport. It’s gone through a renovation, and that’s why it sucks. It sucks because the airlines still haven’t learned to accomodate the business traveler. Or maybe they know, and they just don’t care.

Albequerque, New Mexico. Tiny little non-descript airport. I love it! Do you know why? Because it has two things that most airports don’t have, power strips and those cheap folding tables that the Dudley Boyz are famous for. Like the Dudley Boyz, I don’t need a table to do my job, but having one makes things a lot more convenient.

I’m at gate A2, and I look up, and do you know what I see on the second floor business loft? Nothing, because there isn’t one.!! Just a really high ceiling, that could easily be made into a second floor, with desks and tables and power, and maybe even some recliners.

I’d be willing to pay for a nice business place. $10 per trip, 15 if you’ll give me a soda or something.

Kanye said it, and I say it too.

“Airports don’t care about business people”

Hey Southwest, you’re my favorite airline. Prove me wrong here.

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