Planning, Execution, and Review

It’s so hard in our profession not to fire before you aim.  My manager doesn’t want to hear that I’m “planning”, planning to him means that I am not working. And if planning isn’t coupled with execution, then it really wasn’t planning, it was farting around.

I find it more efficient to have all my calls lined up for the week. My goal is 105 calls, and to do this efficiently, I need to have the following at my fingertips.

  • Names, phone numbers, email and reason to call the person I’m calling. This may require a visit to the website. If I have the admin’s name and number, that’s all the better.
  •  Tasks sorted by what I can do (ala David Allen)

Execution times are blocked out as part of planning.
Daily, I look at my tasks and talk to my boss, and decide what’s important to be done that day. These tasks get high priority.

Weekly, I clean up the task list, and adjust as necessary. I see which projects need more attention, and add tasks for the appropriate activity. I also finish up adding any notes that I need to add.

Planning can be difficult when I have my son singing and laying on my knee. So can writing, as I’m currently learning.  Often it’s better to go off site to get the planning done.

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