Managing the Micro Manager

I was 16 when I worked at a marine supply warehouse in Philadelphia. I was the youngest guy there, and worked with mostly older guys. It was there that I learned the lesson that I’ll pass to you today.

I worked hard, maybe a little too hard for some of the other guys. One day, one of the other guys said to me, “Hey come over here”. And this is what he told me.

“You’re working hard, but the bosses can’t see it. If you move the big boxes, it will look like you did more work.”

So what are your boss’s big boxes? Mine likes me to know where exactly the state of my renewal orders. He wants the order paperwork done as soon as possible.  He wants the numbers right, and he wants a quick response on his requests.

If you find out the big boxes,  your boss will be happy, and you’ll have less conflict.

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