Let’s Fix the Toll Booth Situation

I sent this email to the Governors of Maryland and Delaware. Why am I putting this on this site? Because this is about customer service!Taxpayers are customers. Tollpayers are customers, and it’s time that our time, our money, and our environment are not taken for granted because the bureaucracy doesn’t care.  If you have tolls in both directions on your highways, it’s time to revolt.  Kindly cut and paste, and send to the bureaucrat of your choice.

Your honor,

I’d like to respectfully request that you remove the  toll gates in one direction on I-95 and 895. With this one act, you could

1) Reduce pollution
2) Reduce traffic congestion
3) Save fuel
4) Save money
5) Make your voters happy with something that effects a large number of them every day.
6) Make the drive more for people who tourists who come to Baltimore.

It amazes me that this has not been done before. I believe that you can see the logic in doing this, and realize that this is something that can be done with a minimum of state funds, possibly through a partnership with the trucking industry.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request. I’m posting this note and your response on my website www.salespowwow.com.

Paul Misner

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