It’s Called Work For a Living, by Larry Winget, a Review

It's called work for a living

My usual rotation for reading follows a pattern of a business book, a religious book, and something else. Last time around, I was a little burned out on business books, so I went to the bookstore with the thought of getting a book that has some valuable insights, but is also a lot of fun to read.I ended up buying a copy of “It’s Called Work for a Reason”, by Larry Winget. Larry is a self- proclaimed “irritational speaker”, who gets in the readers’ face by pontifacting on things that you and I already know, and maybe are guilty of ignoring.
Some of Larry’s thoughts:

  • Teamwork doesn’t work. Being a successful manager involves making stars out of your employees..
  • You aren’t being paid to enjoy your job. You’re being paid to work.
  • You’re responsible for your own results.

It sounds pretty simple, and it is, but Larry reinforces a good work ethic in a straight forward, humorous fashion, that I found very refreshing.

If you want a quick read, that will make you better at what you do, I’d suggest you take a look at Larry’s book.

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