Is this a Gift?

I don’t know how to think about this, so I’d figure I’d just blog it, and ask my readers.

On our anniversary, my wife and I went to a wonderful, but expensive restaurant around us. The bill was about $250, and we didn’t get a bottle of wine, but it was definitely worth it. The waiter was excellent, the service extraordinary, a great night.

A good friend of mine is running a fundraising event this February. She  requests donations from various businesses in the area. My friend called the restaurant, and asked for a donation.

She did get a donation, a gift card for $25. Twenty-five bucks won’t buy someone two mixed drinks in that place, much less than a meal.  So, here are my thoughts, mixed as they are.

1) $25 gift card is a gift, and should be accepted with gratitude.
2) $25 is an insult, it’s worse than giving nothing at all.
3) My friend did not relay the benefit of giving generously to her organization. It’s for a good cause, but also just about everyone in that room will fit the demographics that this restaurant needs. Other good restaurants in the area, like the Elkridge Furnace Inn, understand this, and make it part of their marketing plan.

I guess I’ll look at the gift as a $25 donation, and give it mentally the value of a $25 donation. Thank you, restaurant. Your gift was nice and appreciated. The size of it does not particularly encourage me to go to your restaurant again, but I won’t boycott you either. Nor do I feel encouraged to mention your name, but if someone asks me about the restaurant, I will say it’s great. You haven’t been raised any higher on the list of places where I entertain clients (which would have more than made up for a good donation, I’m more than certain), but you haven’t been placed any lower either.

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