I Don’t Teach You To Fly Jets, You Don’t Teach Me How to Sell.

Got an email about an event from Afterburner.  Afterburner wants to teach me how TOP GUN skills can help my management skills. They have a two day seminar coming up in Atlanta.

Afterburner is a group of fighter pilots who have become motivational speakers and sales and management consultants.  I got a poster from them a while back, and thought it was pretty nice looking.

It’s insulting though, when someone who has NEVER sold anything other than seminars puts a shingle up that they are now a sales expert. Being an author, manager, or nuclear physicist might make you good at what you do, but it doesn’t make you good at what I do.

I’m not going to be able to attend that seminar.  Folks at Afterburner, do you want to attend mine?

Afterburner Parody

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