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paulmisnerThanks for coming to find a little more about me. I’ve been in Information Security since I graduated school in 1995, first as an engineer, now as a salesperson. I work at Forcepoint, a leader in Network, Web, and Data Security. Always happy to help those who have questions about security, or want to find out about entering the industry, either security or sales.  A lot of people have helped me, and I’m happy to pay it forward. Best way to contact me is email, but you can always text me if the matter is time sensitive.

I’m a music buff, listen to punk, older jazz, hip hop, and downtempo mostly, pretty much in that order. When I’m not selling, I’m marketing, spending a lot of time making sales related systems.

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Paul Misner




  1. Maura

    Thank you, for writing blogs regarding sales and spirituality. I have been in sales for over ten years, but changed my sales path from media sales in the summer of 08, to information technology sales.

    With the changes that the economy has experienced, I have not been able to figure out if I made the right choice. Although the company who I now work for has greater integrity then the media giant who I had previously worked for.

    I enjoy sales, but have really struggled over the last year. My manager is very supportive and luckily spritual as well.

    I have marked your site as a favorite, so that I may refer to your blogs when I question what it is that I’m doing.



  2. HD Wallpapers

    Yes Paul. I think your experience has value for me.

    You’re a kind of model for me because I’m nowadays studying IT cumputing sciences at University, and when I see your curriculum vitae. It’s really impressive for me, and above all, it gives me forces to continue in that way.

    Sorry for my poor english.




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