Why and How my Facebook News Feed is Empty.

Below is a screenshot of my news feed from Facebook. Despite having about one thousand “friends”, at this point I have chosen to not follow any of them. I found that the argumentative nature and constant insults of public figures to be too much for me. I was also tired of the intellectually lazy forwarding things to my news feed that were fraudulent, erroneous, and not vetted.

Facebook as a company does very little to keep the news feed from being an angry circular cesspool. They don’t stop it because clicks make money, and the more inciting an article is, the more likely we’re likely to click on it.
I could go on with the why, but you know if Facebook’s news feed isn’t helping you. If it’s not, then stop following each of your friends and groups. If you have a small group of people to un-follow, that is good. Facebook doesn’t make it easy. For one at a time instructions, google un-follow a user from Facebook

Perhaps you could use a power tool. I found this script https://gist.github.com/renestalder/c5b77635bfbec8f94d28 that will allow you to unsubscribe in groups of about 25. You’ll have to do a little bit of work, but it does work. The instructions on 3/27/2020 worked today, 5/4/2020.

There are good people on Facebook, really. I’ll look them up one at a time, and when they earn my trust, I’ll put them back into my feed. But right now, the only things on my news feed are tumbleweeds.

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