15 Minute CXO Meetings- The 3 Minute Abs of Sales.

I’ve been doing a very large number of calls at the CISO level lately, for a security product that they need.  I’ve been very successful doing something new, asking for, and getting a 15 minute appointment.

15 minutes? Why? Because that’s all the time you need to greet someone, give them an overview, and close. The closes for a 15 minute meeting are

  1. to get a longer, secondary meeting.
  2. to get myself in the consideration as one of the important people in this space
  3. to see if there are any red flags in doing business with this customer, and if you I do business with them, abort the process right there.
  4. to find out the who’s, when’s and and how’s of any evaluation process.
  5. to feel out management, and see if I want to work with this account.

Many times, the meeting extends longer than 15 minutes, and that is my first buying signal.

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