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The Infosec Blab is a place to hear and talk about issues regarding information security.
We meet Fridays 12:15PM- 1:00PM Eastern. Each week we will have a person covering a topic related to Insider Threat.

The month of June will be a discussion of Insider Threat.



Making Insider
Threat Part of Your Security Program.

Recorded: Watch the Video

Mike Miller, Chief Operating Officer of Tanager, and Co-chair of the National Insider Threat Special Interest Group (NITSIG) talks and will answer your questions on how to best to create or augment a security program with respect to insider threat.


The Legal Aspects of
Insider Threat 

Razvan Miutescu, Attorney at Gorman and Williams and the Vice-Chair of the Committee on Data Privacy, Cyber Security & Technology of the Maryland State Bar
Association will have a conversation on how to prepare youself legally
to protect yourself against insider threat.

Using Technology to
Reduce Insider Threat

Daniel Velez, Sr. Manager of Insider Threat Operations at Forcepoint and is responsible for th edelivery and support of insider threat monitoring and investigation solutions Dan served as a Sr. Cyber Counterintelligence Investigator specializing in insider threat detection and investigations on information systems. Dan will talk about some of the tools available to help mitigate insider threat.

Forensics and the
Insider Threat Investigation

Christopher Schulte is a Computer Forensics Expert with The Newberry Group, Who specializes in locating, collecting, preserving and analyzing digital evidence in a form that is acceptable and presentable in a Court of law for bothcriminal and civil cases. Chris will speak about conducting proper forensics during an insider threat investigation.

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